EA Summit 2018

The Effective Altruism Summit 2018 was a small gathering of EA movement builders and entrepreneurs.

Thanks everyone for coming to the EA Summit 2018! For more details and highlights of the event check-out the photos, project suggestions, a recap of Marcin's talk, and CEA's forum post.

Participants spent the weekend discussing how to improve the EA movement by promoting local groups, starting EA projects, earning-to-give, diversifying funding mechanisms, and creating a robust talent pipeline across EA causes.

The EA movement was born out of the dedication of a small group of people who wanted to spread the idea that we should try to do as much good as possible. At the 2018 EA Summit, we worked to bring that initiative, drive, and collaborative spirit to the future of EA.


Organized by

Mindy McTeigue
EA: Duke Co-founder
Paradigm Academy
Peter Buckley
GWWC Penn Co-founder
Paradigm Academy
This conference is a Paradigm incubated project.

Participating Organizations

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Talks and Workshops

Making an Impact Through Science and Technology Policy

Tom Kalil

Introduction to the EA Summit

Tee Barnett

Earn to Give: Crypto!

Nevin Freeman

Making Distributed Intellectual Progress

Oliver Habryka

AMF – How it works, with Q&A on high impact projects

Rob Mather

How to Run Ambitious Projects

Geoff Anders

One for the World: building a mainstream EA movement

Robert Struck and Evan McVail

What’s Missing from our Movement?

Joey Savoie

Working at Intersections

Paul Niehaus

Lobbying for EAs

Scott Weathers

Coordination: reconciling heavy tailed distributions with sustainability

Marcin Kowrygo

Agile Purpose-Driven Organization

Michael Porcelli

Learning by Doing

Holly Morgan

SHIC: Adaptation through model flexibility

Baxter Bullock

Getting Smarter

Ray Arnold

Finding Leverage in Organizations

Satvik Beri

The Future of Effective Altruism

Kerry Vaughan

Lightning Talks

Sparrow: leveraging behavioral psychology for effective giving

Ari Kagan

Why aren’t all the Biggest Problems Already Solved

John Salvatier

EAGx Oxford

Ben Pace

Existential Hope

Allison Duettmann

Why Local Group Organization Is the Future of Effective Altruism

Evan Gaensbauer

The Landscape Behind the Peak

Luca Rade

EA Norway: Combining collectivism and career plan changes

Eirin Evjen

Lessons Learned from Seattle Effective Altruism

Jonathan Wallis

Lessons from the First 5 Months of Running REACH

Sarah Spikes

Snapshot of EA: The latest from the 2018 EA Survey

Tee Barnett

Structured Discussions At Stanford EA

Kelsey Piper

Taming Leonardo

Ales Flidr

What the Evidence Says about Entrepreneurship

Ben West

X-risk Policy Project in the UK Parliament

Alex Barry

Experiences in Project Building

Huw Thomas



4-6pm Registration
6-6:30pm Welcome and logistics
6:30-7:30pm Fireside chat with Tom Kalil
7:30-10pm Lightning talks and mingling


9:30-10:30am Breakfast and Registration
10:30-11:30am Introductory talk
11:30am-1pm Talks, workshops, lightning talks, and mingling
1-2:30pm Lunch (offsite)
2:30-6:30pm Talks, workshops, lightning talks, and mingling
6:30-8:30pm Dinner (offsite)
8:30-10:30 Optional evening activities


9:30-10:30am Breakfast and Registration
10:30am-1pm Talks, workshops, lightning talks, and mingling
1-2:30pm Lunch (offsite)
2:30-5:30pm Talks, workshops, lightning talks, and mingling
5:30-6:30pm Closing talk
6:30-8:30pm Dinner (offsite)
8:30-10:30 Optional afterparty

To get a sense for what the event was like, check out this video:

This video is from the 2013 EA Summit. In 2015 the EA Summit turned into EA Global, and attendance increased to 500+ participants as the EA movement grew. We hoped to capture the intensity of a smaller, more intimate event, like the 2013 Summit.


Dates: August 10th to 12th
Registration: 4-6pm August 10th
Location: Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

The conference is free! We can help cover most flights in the US and partially cover international flights. We have some free shared housing available.
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